About The Photographer

Photo Chronicles is about how I view the world through photography.  I come from an art oriented family but my career was in the technical fields.  My mother was an artist. Her father was a painter and engineer.   My father worked in the technical field of glass and also created miniature glass sculptures.  I enjoyed art but I was more interested in technical subjects than in creating art.  My brother Michael inherited the “art gene.”  My mother recognized his gift at a very early age.   He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri and went on to become a very successful professional artist.

I became interest in photography as an art form when I worked for the Dow Chemical Company.  One of my coworkers was a photographer.  We would discuss photography over our lunch period.  The subjects ranged from the technical aspect of the media to the works of artist such as, Minor White, Edward Weston, Bret Weston, Henri Cartier Bresson, Eisenstadt, Ansel Adams, etc.  The list of photographers was almost endless.  Fred knew their work, as well as their life’s story.  Lunches were a joy.  Eventually, I purchased enough equipment to assembly a potable darkroom.  I already had the camera, a 35 mm Canon FTb with a Canon 50 mm f:1.4 lens.  B&W photography became a passion and I started to develop a name in the local art community.  My wife and I visited art galleries and museums to view the work of famous photographers, as well as up and coming photographers.  We eventually moved to further our careers.

There was no room for a darkroom in the new house.  In addition, life became busy with career development and family matters.   I stored the photographic equipment and my work in B&W photography was placed on hold.   I still used the camera for family photographs.  What I call “record” photography.

Several years after we moved to Baltimore, I became friends with a professional photographer.  Jim Austin, a very talent photographer, nudge me back into photography.  Photography had changed.  The digital era was competing with traditional film photography.  Eventually, I entered the digital era with the purchase of a Sony F717 digicam fitted with a Carl Zeiss zoom lens.  Adobe Photoshop replaced the wet darkroom.  I was shooting more and enjoying the chemical free environment of the “lightroom” on my computer.  Within a year I upgraded to a Sony F828 with its Carl Zeiss lens.

My brother and his wife encouraged me to work toward a show or start selling my work.  I have too many other interests.  I photograph to interpret the world around me and to express my creative spirit.  Eventually, I self-published a book of my work as a birthday gift for my sister-in-law.

Recently I purchased a used Sony DSLR Alpha 700 camera with three highly rated lens.  It’s time to use the camera and Photo Chronicles is an opportunity to share my photographic interpretation of my world.  Most of the my work is B&W but I have started to explore color  Photo Chronicles also pushes me to take more photographs.

My  goal is to take a photograph a week.  I know this will not always be possible. but setting a goal gives me something to strive towards.

The journey begins.

  1. Greetings Rod,
    Michael sent me to your blog. I enjoyed it and your work. I will have to disagree with your one statement that Michael got the art gene–if it means to the exclusion of you. I know Michael is extremely and abundantly talented, but obviously you are as well.
    I wish you much luck, and I think that you have quite an eye–and gift, that you may not see.
    Blessings to You,
    Will Lurcott

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