Light on Table and Chairs

We must start somewhere in terms of a date.

Tuesday 24 November 09,  I was waiting to join my friend Mudgey for lunch at Hull Street Blues, a local restaurant   The day was wet and overcast and the warmth of the restaurant was welcome.   The restaurant was quiet.   Most of the lighting in the building was from the two large bay windows on either side of the entrance.  The overhead lighting in the restaurant was low-keyed and in sharp contrast to the diffused light outside.    The table and chairs attracted my eye immediately.

I liked the reflected light on the table and chairs and the contrast between the low light setting of the restaurant and the window light.  I thought the texture in the shadows and detail in the chairs and place settings added to the scene.  This was all set against the street detail visible through window.  I took the photograph.

    • Ann Wells
    • January 27th, 2010

    Beautiful work Rod. I especially like the interior window shots. Very solemn.

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